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There are many services that I offer. Among those are comprehensive website development planning and implementation as well as marketing and campaign strategy conceptualization. I own and have developed the Webonizer Content Management System (this site is an example of Webonizer in use). I am a partner of Master Web Designers. Specialized areas include:

  • Webonizer Customization
  • MAXScript Development
  • Corel Products & Support
  • Corporate Image & Logos
  • Favicons
  • CMS Development
  • Interactive Flash
  • JavaScript Utilities
  • 3D Design & Animation
  • Digital Photography
Service Rates
Service Hourly Rate Minimum Fee
Photography $60 $60
PHP Programming $60 $60
Flex/Flash $75 $150
General Web Design $50 $25
Graphic Design $60 $30
3D Modeling $75 $300
3D Animation $90 $360

I am capable of working with clients anywhere in the world. For face-to-face business, I service Columbus and the Central Ohio region.

Please feel free to contact me via email or call 614-465-2893 if you have questions about how I can help you and your organization.

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